Error message for simulation

I am getting this warning message whenever I want to run my simulation
A constant non-zero boundary condition was defined for a nonlinear analysis. Please consider to always ramp your load using a formula or table value in order to ease convergence - otherwise the automatic time stepping will not have any effect on the convergence and your simulation might fail: Fixed value 2

No load was defined for the analysis. This might lead to a non-convergent analysis. Please review your boundary conditions.
Here is the link to my project SimScale

Hello dmezatio,

the error message is referring to the boundary condition fixed value 2.
1 please be sure that the direction is defined correctly. Currently dy 0.003m mean that the top block is lifted of by 3mm.
Also when you assigned the displacement of 3mm. With the method, you have used the 3mm displacement will be performed instantly. What we suggest for a situation like this is to use a formula.

You can see how to apply formula equations here:

Since your simulation time is 1s I just would use the formula -0.003*t
This means that the clamp will be moved with a constant factor in the negative y-direction, with 3mm at the end of your simulation.

I hope that solves your issue.
Best regards

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