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Error in Meshing

I’ve made a geometry in the design module of ANSYS and imported to SimScale in a STEP format and got this error.

Sheet bodies detected.

The model contains sheet bodies (surface data). It is recommended to solidify all parts of the model as otherwise unexpected meshing behavior can appear.

Can anyone help me out in solving this?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @rfatima!

Feel free to share the file with us, having a look at it as soon as possible. Tagging the @power_users here as well to help in case we need a CAD expert .



Hi @rfatima

I had a look at your project and found that your CAD model is a surface and not a solid body. I understand that you made this surface(2d model) for conducting a 2D simulation but in finite volume approach you need a solid body and have to assign 2D empty B.C’s to that solid for conducting a 2D simulation on that. So, you only have to provide some thickness to the geometry and you will be able to simulate your problem without any difficulty. I hope that helps.


You use design modeler or space claim? in “details of body” in design modeler you can see the Volume of the body and the Surface area. This will tell you if you work with a solid CAD or only with shells.

Other way to see volume and Area is by going to
Tools->Analysis Tools-> Entity Information

Take care whit the format, STP, and IGS for me is the best for simulation.
this is the project.

@rfatima I took the liberty of repairing your model just by exporting the useful solid. Enjoy your simulations :slight_smile:

CAD repaired