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Error in Mesh generation


I have got an error in my mesh generation which got terminated with a message in the event log as “Mesh could not be computed. A problem occurred in the surface mesh generation” I think it should be because of bad surfaces. Is it possible to clean up the geometry before meshin? I cannot find any options for Geometry clean up? or Could someone help me how to clear this error in Simscale?

HI @Iniyan,

Simscale does not have any tools to clean up geometry, that needs to be done in a CAD package before you import the Geometry.

If you can share your Project we might be able to help a little more. Without seeing it I would suggest you try a smaller or finer mesh and try first order just to see if you can get the mesh to work.

Good Luck,

Hello Christopher,

Here is the link for my project.

The CAD model looks fine in CATIA. But after it is imported in Simscale, I can see there is some problem in surface of a CAD part.

Hi @Iniyan,

I found a couple of issues with your CAD model. First, if you look at the Mesh Event Log, The last line in the image shows the Area of the Smallest Face which is 5.7e-11m. This is very small.

When I looked at your model in Onshape I found about 15 curves with a length less than .1mm. In the image below you can see a blue dot on the curve of the fillet. That blue dot is actually a curve with a length of .056mm. The fillet curve is made up of three separate curves.

Finally, without cleaning up your geometry I was able to mesh your model with a Parameterized Tet mesh. The setting are shown in the image below. As you can see I had to set the minimum element size very small.

It would probably be best to use Catia to find the small edges and to fix them in CAD and then re-export your STEP file. You can use the brute force method that I did, but it is going to be a really large model.

Good Luck!