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Error creating an Enclosure


Hey everyone,
I’m a member of an FSAE team and I’m trying to visualize the flow around the car. But somehow I’m not able to create an enclosure/ flow region around the geometry,

You can find my project here:

In the first geometry (Car), there were some issues in CAD itself maybe because there were some sheet bodies in it which might be causing the face intersection during mesh but in the 2nd geometry (Car_FB20_trial) there are all solid bodies and no sheet bodies but now I’m not even able to create the flow region.

It would be really helpful if someone could help me in solving the issue

Thank You


Hey @Deepank,

I can spot some intersecting bodies in your geometry. Try to clean up the geometry in your cad tool of choice before uploading again. I’ll post screenshots showing some of these spots:


Let us know if it worked :stuck_out_tongue: