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Error code z223l7km

i want to create a .csv file with the given data
but m getting the error code z223l7km
please help

Hi @lovish03101997!

Can you share the project link with us please? We will have a look at the issue then.

All the best!


yes sir thank you very much
here is the link

Thanks a lot @lovish03101997!

By the way, have a look at this post from @emalkin: Step-by-Step Tutorial Session 2: Analysis of a Cardiovascular Stent . Does that help you?

P.S.: Please send me the .csv file to



Adding to the discussion I was also facing problem to save the material data by copy-pasting the data as mentioned in the tutorial by using notepad.

I just edited a bit and uploaded as only had intuition that it worked on the basis of the comma operator.

Sorry for Not being professional here but it helped.

And as mentioned in previous discussions you can always use excel to save it as a CSV file and then use it.



just copy the given values to Notepad, and save as .csv by changing the extension " .csv" and upload . issue resolved