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Error Code: 5aefb696

Could Someone answer me how to solve this issue?, The program gave me this error when i was trying to simulate a cfd analysis. Photo attached below.

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Hi @Thanausu!

You would need more core hours to start the job with your current settings. Maybe one of the @power_users is willing to give your simulation a spin and also give you tips on what you can improve in terms of setup and overall mesh quality.

Enjoy your weekend!



Hi @Thanausu,

I see that it is a Master class project. Did you set up everything according to the description?
A small change in the mesh settings can have a large effect on the required core hour demand.
If it is the case then Iā€™d suggest to go with the default values.


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Hey @Thanausu,

You defined the maximum run time as 120,000s. For the community plan, the limit for this parameter is 30,000s. You can change the value for 25,000s. It should do the trick.



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