ERCOFTAC - Centrifugal Pump Study

Greetings Simscale Community
I must humbly admit despite my best efforts I have not finished this problem in the allotted time as part of the Solve It With Simscale Challenge.

With that said, I did create the proper geometry and setup an initial case to model this problem. I intend to finish this work soon.

If you are interested in the geometry I created please go to the link below and get a copy of the CAD model.

If you would like to review my setup of this problem in Simscale see the link below.

I would like to mention one big tip I learned doing this project. When you have a large number of faces to select it is helpful to deselected what you don’t need and that only leaves the remaining faces of interest. For example in this problem I was able to unselect the 6 faces that made the “case” of the pump and was left with the 72 faces that made up the vanes of the diffuser.

I will post more details soon.



Hi @wseppelt and thanks a lot for your feedback!

You can still finish the project although the new iteration will start soon. We just have to make sure that we keep in touch and check the status on your simulation from time to time. Feel free to inbox me if you want to discuss things privately.

Thanks a lot for your post and all the best!