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Embedding final simulation result using an iframe


May I ask, after the final simulation is finished, is it possible to export it using an iframe to embed in an HTML-5 environment? Let me provide the context why I am looking for this. If the simulation can be embedded in the HTML-5 then it can really help to create education content around it. Let me know if any more information is needed here.


Hi @eulerianial,

I’m excited about your question as it was always an idea that should be realized at some point but there were not sooo many users asking for this. Having all that 3D simulation content publicly available, I think it makes a lot of sense to enable other web developers to integrate/reuse/propagate/share this content somewhere else. Could you elaborate a bit on the use case that would be important for you? So would the 3D result visualization that is displayed on public project pages already be enough or should there be more detailed information? What level of interactivity you’d like to see etc.?



Hi @eulerianial, it is possible to export your results to webgl format from ParaView. With a results file loaded in ParaView select File > Export Scene > Files of type: webgl

@dheiny I am exploring and doing a feasibility of a CFD course and thinking to showcase for Navier Stokes Equation some live simulation right after the concept. The courses currently available only introduce the Navier Stokes Equation in mathematical form, physical intuition in the text form and provide a youtube video of the simulated result. In few cases they also provide software code which a user can try and simulate using Python/Mathematica etc. In best case there was one course using Ipython notebooks and that helps in simulating in the browser itself. But still it is far from a live application and applied solution. So I am thinking to have either an Ipython notebook based or HTML-5 based environment where we can embed things easily. I went through the gallery of public projects and the interactivity of zoom and simulated flows is really good. Let me begin from here. From future perspective if a user can enter few parameters and quickly see the result might be really good. Let me find few more specific cases and I will share here.

@BenLewis Thank you for your input. Let me try the webgl export and will check out more.