Electron Optics with Multiphysics

Electron Optics with

  • Coulomb repulsion
  • Relativistic Effects
  • Coupling between electron beam and applied electric/magnetic fields
  • Thermionic emission and field emission

For thermionic emission, coupling with thermal analysis.

Note that competitors such as Altair Hyperworks (partnered with VSim) and CST (Computer Simulation Technologies, now owned by Daussalt) and COMSOL have electron optics with multiphysics. Surprisingly, ANSYS does not have electron optics.

Additionally, CST and COMSOL have very poor live support with little in the way of written and YouTube tutorials.

Maybe SimScale can get ahead by having a gold standard in its physics offerings and support.


Hi @Jade,

Thanks for the feature request.

Quick question, is this type of analysis supported within OpenFOAM itself?



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I think that is a good question @Get_Barried, if it is in openfoam or a fork of it this might mean that less new development would be required.