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Eigenvalue based buckling analysis


Good day, is it difficult to incorporate eigenvalue based buckling analysis in Simscale? This is a feature I use almost in all my FEA Simulation to assess ultimate limit state. The non-linear buckling approach is way to expensive to execute, or is it this the reason you have it i.e. to reap us off?


Hey @mvusi and sorry for the delay in my response!

As you might have noticed browsing the forum a bit, we do not have the classic linear buckling module implemented on our platform. However you could achieve this by working around with a nonlinear analysis which is however significantly taking longer to solve - an interesting and useful post on this can be found here: Euler buckling simulation.

Let me know if you have any further question(s)!



Thank you so much for prompt feedback, my worry is on the length of such non-linear analysis for an analysis that could have been achieved through linear means.