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Efficient way of creating Topological Entity Sets


I am PERRINN official member. I am running simulation of our F1 car model and I have problems with creating Topological Entity Sets (TES). We have over 100 solids and thousands of faces so if I would like to create face TES it would take a lot of clicking.

For geometry TES @dheiny suggested a workaroud: create volume TES -> show single TES -> select all of the faces from this TES -> create face TES.

The problem is that it will not work for the mesh TES. I want to create a rotating wheels boundary conditions so I have to select all of the faces on wheels. A nice thing to have would be some kind of box selection or selection by name (faces are named after the solid they belong to). At the moment I think that the most useful feature would be a possibility to create face mesh TES out of geometry volume TES. I think it would be enough to find all of the solids names that are in this TES and select all of the mesh faces that have those solid names in their name.

Is there a possibility that you can introduce such a feature?

@akosior - I moved this to our Product Feedback category as it’s more of a feature request.

something that we’ll note down - I believe one of our Power Users @ggiraldo had some similar feedback regarding this issue.

I also think that TES created in the CAD model should propagate to mesh and to simulation model.

Hi @ggiraldo - agreed! A topological associativity concept is in the making!