Dynamic simulation of a Khopesh


The simulation result are not correct, and I can’t find the solution. The setup of the simulation is as follows:
The khopesh will move at the velocity of 42.46 m/s;
The khopesh Is going to strike the Balistic Gel 20;
The results i want to see are the stress on the blade and its behaviour during the inpact.
Thank you for your time and help.


Project link


Hi @pgalamba! Can you set your project to public please? Coming back to you as soon as I have produced some results.




It is done, the project is public. I require help to inprove the last simulation setup. Thank you for your help.


Thanks for that @pgalamba!

Also tagging @SoMe_Support here who might give you a bit more tips on how to set up this simulation a bit more skilfully.




Hi again @pgalamba!

I completed the first simulation of your model which can be viewed here: Khopesh Simulation

Feel free to give me your feedback and make sure to check the result control items!




This simulation was killing me. Thank’s alot for the help.


Hi @pgalamba,

What is the purpose of this simulation? Are you interested in the behavior of the ballistics gel or the Khopesh?

Regards, Ben


Hi @BenLewis! Thanks for jumping in.




Thanks @jousefm, I missed that.

In that case I think some assumptions about the support around the handle (from being held) need to be made. I will make a copy of the simulation to demonstrate.