Ducted Fan


I have a question.

I’ m working a ducted fan and I need the thrust of the complett system.
Here is the simulation:

I set it up 2 different force and moment.

  1. The complett ducted fan (Nacell)
  2. Only the Rotor. (Rotor)

I get two different result for the pressure force.
The question is why get 2 different result and why bigger the complett ducted fan pressure force?

Many Thanks

Hi Richard,

I had a quick look at your project. It is expected to see higher forces acting on the ‘Nacell’ set, as it includes more than the rotor solely:

You were not expecting the difference between these two?

Best regards,

Hi Fillia,

Many thanks your response!

I was expecting the difference, but not that much!

So if I’m not wrong the “NACELL” force (total thrust) is the complett force which are due to two factors the rotor pressure force and the “Duct” pressure force?!
Here is an another simulation. Here separately simulated the ROTOR and the NACELL (Nacell is the complett duct with Stator, etc…) I think you can see better here what I’m asking!

Nacell: The duct with Stator Blades
Rotor: The rotating rootr
Nacell+Rotor: Complett system wish mean the complett, total thrust force?!


So the original question is the total thrust comes from the ROTOR and the NACELL ?!
I would be interested to see I really see that the NACELL (complett duct with Stator) really increases the thrust so much?!