Drone simulation

Hi Slaine,

I have been working on a drone simulation similar to the one you have on youtube. However, I have been experiencing an issue with post processing in incompressible flow, since I don’t have access to subsonic.


For my project of a crazyflie hovering, I am currently working on CFD. I meshed the model and assigned all the properties, however, it looks like I have encountered the error: The meshing failed on the following entities: [edge369@Flow region].

My model can be accessed at: (SimScale Login). Could someone please look into this and offer advice to get this model running?

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Hi Anoop @anoop_kiran

Firstly, welcome to SimScale :smiley: and thank you for the interest in this project :+1:.

With a community SimScale account you do not have access to the Subsonic solver, our Subsonic solver is the preferred and most robust solver for drones and anything that has a rotating zone. If you have a commercial use for SimScale you should definitely consider purchasing a license.

If you would like to proceed with a SimScale community account, I can make some recommendations to improve your simulation:

  1. Do you require the detail of what I assume are the PCB board connectors? They are adding unnecessary complexity to the mesh and it is one of those faces that caused the error. You can use the CAD mode to delete these parts and it looks like that is what you are doing :+1:

  2. I would advise that you add some forces and moments to result control items so that you can evaluate the forces on the rotors.

  3. Rather than trying to globally define a very fine mesh, I would keep the global mesh fineness at around ‘5’ and add local refinements to the rotor regions and the down wash region. You can see here in my project how this was achieved.

  4. For the local refinement zones I would try an edge length of 0.0005m

  5. Utilise the small feature suppression on the mesh. I would recommend a setting of 0.0005 - 0.0001m. A mesh has completed successfully in your project with these settings now.

  6. There is a sign error in your rotating zones definition. You should change all of the “MRF rotating zone” that are “-1500 rad/s” to “1500 rad/s” and all of the “1500 rad/s” to “-1500 rad/s”.

If you follow these points you should be able to get it working :smiley:

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The support of this case was continued here

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