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Drone Aerodynamics - Mesh Refinement

Hi everyone,
Am working drone aerodynamics and am creating a mesh. Am almost through with mesh refinements, but am stuck at the refine surfaces. i can’t find a box to tick so as to assign volumes. Pliz help.

Hi @sbasiima!

Not sure if I got your question but did you search the button shown in the picture below?

Let me know if that was what you were looking for!



Hi Jousefm,
Thanks for replying. I did what you told me but there is no response. I want to assign 0 volumes for my mesh refinement drone 1 but i can’t trace that function. That is what i have been asking of you. Some of the functions on my page are different from the tutorial for example instead of snappy hex mesh, i have hex dominant parametric. So in the place of mesh refinements, where i have to assign volumes to zero, there is nothing just a delete button as you can see in the screen shot.

I hope you do understand coz i have been stuck since yesterday.

Hi @sbasiima!
The simplest way for you to assign it is to select the solid directly from Scene List

I hope this answers your doubt.


Great Thanks Zinan , IT WORKED

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