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Downloading the Flow domain

Hi Simscalers,

Adding ‘Flow volume extraction’ function was an amazing addition to the Simscale platform. Thank you.

However, I think it is not possible to download the extracted flow domain. After extracting the flow domain from a complex assembly, I found out that some simplifications needed to be done, in order to make the extracted geometry fit for meshing.

Any possible solutions on this situation?

Thanks in advance.

Warm regards,

Hi Sten,

Let me Tag my colleague @1318980 here who might help you with this issue. The most efficient way would probably be to model it in the CAD software of your choice.



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Hi @smittag, yes unfortunately, at this moment in time you cannot download the modified geometry, that was modified in SimScale, only the original geometry, I agree that it would be a great addition and will feedback with it.

For now, as Jousef correctly said, this is manually possible with your cad by doing the equivalent and doing the additional modification there.



Hi Darren and Jousef,

Thanks for your replies. Yes, for the current case, I did exactly same as you mentioned.

But, in case of some complex assemblies, it could be a cumbersome task to guess which simplifications need to be carrried out in order to extract the “perfect” internal flow domain.

So, as you already said, it would be very convenient to have this ‘Download’ function. Thank you.

Warm regards,

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Thanks a lot for the feedback Rajan! :+1:

Would you mind sharing your thoughts in this dedicated section for feature requests here: Feedback section ?

Thank you very much and happy SimScaling!