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Downloading Results for OpenFoam


Hello All,

I downloaded my results file to run bigger cases using Open Foam I wanted the zero , constant, and system files but it seems like the files are encrypted and can’t be read does simscale block these files so you cant rerun them in OpenFoam?

Thanks, Will


this is what my U file in the zero folder shows me in notepad++

‹ ÅRMOÂ@½ï¯˜pÒš~¡^h< Úeá ÂAÙ¶+®Ùî6ýB"üw÷£!ãÛCwg_ß¼×²À²apuöQ¢¤ÎÐ}¬"Ç°–z³™Ù» !PÂ’–Þ(#<õ‡=¿}‚'Qå1Aø c!X$>÷ôA)a#ÈHŽK*x£7!y!O=€®síø’ù3‚JúÀ“ö-LIÔ3ûårélÝ:"_ü¤’µsšU¬±ø›úÍNhÛÉ°\
œ†”ô…T‚ÚL’ë:^ ƒo"Oqià"¦Ô„c†‹¢1V6!q)òPuÔÜ3ïzÑñ:&(¢É3?=ahƒ\¬³-×E(¡)áꍷ|°}ðÌz
¢¼$9Ç,lƯâT½.4ãR2"Qñç+ÍhjsïÏǏ]o®¿7:d.ÊUFڝJEMùbŠ™¬‹,-WÁŽ[cVµÉaéUps˜Ó÷ÿ#éíß’Ý ¤çà\Psð

Thanks Will


Also Does Anyone know the OpenFoam Solver that Simscale is using for Multiphase Simulations

Thanks, Will


Hey @whuaman!

Which program for unzipping and OS are you using? Also please share the project link here so that we can see if that issue is reproducible (at least I never had an issue like that in the past).

Cheers and thanks!



Hello I am unzipping in Google Chrome and using Windows 10

Here is the project link

Thank you,


I downloaded the results and the folder and files are ok.

I unzipped the U folder in 0

and i opened whit wordpad

the files of the boudayrs are okey

and the post process :slight_smile: in paraview!

saludos amigo @whuaman
To run again do not forget to delete the other folders of the time step of the simulation without removing the folder “0”


Hello Could you please show me how to where able to plot that U magnitude in paraview I am unable to match the colors for as you have done

Looks great BTW


I was able to get colors but how did you show the shape of the tank in the background


Hey @whuaman!

You can make the geometry visible with the eye icon and change its opacity, that will do the job!

Let us know if that worked for you and if you have any further questions.



That did the trick Perfect Thanks for all your help!!


Awesome! :slight_smile:

Enjoy your stay here and let us know if we can do anything else for you! Happy continued SimScaling!



I have a question, I have been trying to plot the CG of the fluid as a function of time for the past 2 days and have had no luck. Can anyone help me?

Basically I want the location of the sloshing Fluid’s center of gravity during the sloshing motion and how this moves in time for each time step basically I need the CG of only the fluid.
I was trying to use para view to basically use all of the cells with alpha phase 0.5 to 1.1 to find the weight (m*g) vector for each and sum the average but I cant figure out a way to do this any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Will


Hi @whuaman,

From what I know there is no simple way to do this on ParaView. You will need to effectively program the calculation yourself.

Maybe this will help you but again, not a simple task.

Or if you’re lucky, maybe my colleagues @CFD-SQUAD may know a way.




Hello All,

I appreciate the link and have tried to work the programmable filter to code my own version and have no luck.
with coming to a viable solution any help would be appreciated or better way to start the filter.