Downloading result plots all at once as CSV

Good night,

Today, some members of my Formula Student team and I have been talking about optimizing time in our department (Aerodynamics) and one thing we all agreed is that it could be nice to be able to download all result plots at once as CSV. This way, we could externally analyse those results at the same time instead of downloading them one by one. It would be a quality of life improvement for us since we are tracking plots for every subsystem of the car, so we can analyticaly observe the performance of our upgrades faster than downloading them one by one.

I also know that it is possible to download all the simulation data at once, but we were having trouble obtaining the forces and moments in a post-processing software so we use SimScale for this matter.

Thanks for your time.

Fernando Romero.


Thanks for that feedback Fernando!

Will forward this to our product team, let’s see if anything is planned in that regard.

All the best!


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