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Downloading displacement results as an STL or IGES file

I’ve been using simscale casually for a year or so and it has a lot of power. I was wondering about downloading results however. For example, if I have a solid that deforms due to the stress condition I can view those results visually in the solution fields. But, i want to actually measure dimensions of the resulting model (like you would in a CAD package). Is their a way to export the displacement results as a solid model (ie STL, IGES, etc) to use in a CAD package?

Hi @FreeStroke and thanks for being such a loyal SimScaler, we really appreciate that :slight_smile:

To your question: You can download the results and post-process them in Paraview which allows you to do more sophisticated analyses on your model. For measuring the dimensions of your model or to identify the origin I would personally use a CAD tool like Onshape.

Let me know if that answers your question.

All the best!


Hey Jousef,

Actually, I used Onshape to generate most of my simple parts for analysis in Simscale. So I can download the results from simscale into a format that can be used with Onshape?

Hi @FreeStroke!

To be more precise: For displaying the displacements carried out by the FE analysis you use Paraview (or any other quantity that you want to investigate more meticulously). For CAD measuring I would personally use Onshape :slight_smile: