Downloaded results

Could you please let me know how can I find the data of the co-ordinate systems and time steps among files of downloaded results from my simulation?

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After you download the results, you will have to post process them with an external tool other than SimScale, like Paraview.

If you describe exactly what you wish to extract as information (i.e. the forces on a specific point, etc), I will try to think of a way to get this information without having to download the results first.

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Hi Fillia,
thank you for your kind reply. I had done a simulation and based on its results we published a high impact article and we acknowledged for team support of the Simscale. ( Journal of Cleaner Production (Impact Factor = 7.25) .
Now, we are going to import our data from downloaded results of (Time and Coordinate system of the cells grid ( x y z)) to Python.

Could you please let me know how can I find these data among huge data of downloaded results?

There is an option in Paraview named as “Save Data”. This will write down all the flow parameters for each point (as well as their coordinates) in a single .csv file, that you can use for your Python script. You can repeat for each timestep.