Does Simscale Solve For Induced Drag and Turbulent regions

Hi, I was working on my project and I thought, “does simscale solve for induced drag”? If so, is the induced drag under viscous force and turbulent regions under pressure force? I tested the CFD and I saw vortices on the wing which probably means that it solves for induced drag, I just want to confirm that the induced drag and drag from turbulent regions are in forces and moments.

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Frank Lucci

Hey Frank. the induced drag is a big part of 3D simulations and is taken into consideration when it comes to measuring the forces. There is no option to get the value of this specific drag though, feel free to write your feature request here: Under consideration - SimScale Product Portal | Product Roadmap

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what do you mean by taken into consideration

Hey Frank, I saw this from your submission through the portal, thanks for taking the time!

By ‘taken into consideration’, we mean that any feature request is put into a backlog. This is quite large and has features with 100’s of votes at the top and a long tail of ideas with 1 or 2 at the bottom.
We also slice it based on our company initiatives and have smaller backlogs for each.

At the moment, this request isn’t super high on the backlog, just to be transparent.


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