Does anyone know what this error message mean?


Hi, and thanks for using the forum!

Can you please provide some context on what you were trying to do when this error appeared?

i was trying to access an old simulation of mine, but when i tried to open the post-processing, the error popped up.

Thanks for the context, I already created a bug ticket and our team is investigating the issue.

Can you already load the postprocessor in this project? Could you please share the link to it?

i used to be able to open the post-processor for around a month after i created the project.
f1 phantasy v2 | Automotive | SimScale

Hi again, thanks for the link!

I can open the postprocessor with no issues, can you open it already?

A possible reason for the error could be your firewall or browser setting blocking the websocket communication with the SimScale servers. Can you please check your setup? Maybe a company or institution policy is blocking the connections.

most probably, as i was opening it on a school device.
if it was a firewall issue, then sorry if this was wasting your and your team’s time.

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