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Difference between adjustable time step: True and False - Transient Analysis Results


Actual simulation: Compressible 9

SUMMARY: I’m simulating a transient analysis about an Intake manifold for an internal combustion engine, It has a turbocharger so the mass flow parameter it’s high, I established the pressure pulse in excel with the RPM but my issues are:

  1. I made an adjustable time step false run, and seems like every peak of pressure ( the pressure pulse per cylinder) corresponds in an increment in the courant mean number. But I don´t now if the fluctations in the parameters suits with the analysis phenoma.

Transient test 51:

  1. I made an adjustable time step true run, with a max courant number of ten, but also the other parameters fluctuate but it’s slower than false, less pressures pulses I have to work to allow more pulses.

Transient test 56:

Also I worked with a standard mesh but It’s uniform and coarse, because in previous tests diverged with hex parametric. Forum: Courant Number, Mesh, relaxation factors and schemes issues - #5 by agredafuentes1

So, I need help to interpret the results, and how to make it better. Thanks. I will apreciate it.

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I am tagging the @power_users to provide some insight

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