How can I find the total deformation in post-processing with the visual representation of a deformed shape?

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Now, on to your question. In order to visualize the deformed shape and find the magnitude of the deformation, please follow these steps:

  • Open your results by expanding the desired run and clicking ‘Solution Fields’.
  • Select the ‘New beta interface’ in the dialog.
  • In the ‘Filters’ panel, change the ‘Coloring’ to ‘Displacement - Magnitude’. This will allow you to see the max deformation with the color scale.
  • To visualize the deformation shape, click the ‘Add Filter’ button and select ‘Displacement’. If the deformation is not apparent, please increase the ‘Scaling factor’, until it is (try 100).

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What scaling factor value should I use to visualize the actual deformation?

Hi @tomalex, this depends on your specific simulation. The best you can do is trial and error to find the value.

Does scale factor 1 means actual displacement?

Yes, scale factor 1 means that the displacement is drawn at the same scale as the model. Increasing this value will artificially amplify the deformation for visualization purposes.

Thank you