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Defining meshing bounds for an centrifugal pump impeller



I am trying to mesh the flow region within a centrifugal impeller. It seems that I cannot define the correct location of the material point such that I obtain the flow region within the faces of the geometry. I have included a cylinder to define my rotating zone for the future boundary condition. My inlet is a solid cylinder. Both of these cylinders where added to the original CAD file prior to uploading. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Fabian (@falvarado)!

Is it somehow possible for you to get rid of the volume-intersection/self-intersection in your model first? Uploading a new, modified CAD model should work then.

Let me know how things go!




Hey Jousef,

Are you referring to the cylinder imposed onto the impeller for the MRF zone definition?

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@jousefm if this is the case, then how would I define the MRF rotating zone?


Hi @falvarado,

I am referring to the “penetration” (if you want to call it like that) that can be seen in the picture posted by me. Is there a way that you can get rid of this?

Regarding the MRF I can recommend the following resources to you:

Let me know how things go :slight_smile:




Hi @jousefm ,

Thank you for your direction. I will look into those resources and keep you posted.