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Default to "Surface" instead of "Surfaces with Wireframe" when clicking on the mesh or simulation model

  • Which feature do you need? Default to “Surface” instead of “Surfaces with Wireframe” when clicking on the mesh or simulation model
  • What is the problem that you want to address with this feature? When you have a slow connection or a slow graphics card, it would speed up bringing up the model if it defaulted to Surfaces. Many times, I just want to change a BC value, but I have to wait for the mesh to load.
  • What is the expected outcome? When opening up a mesh or simulation model, the default selection for viewing the geometry is Surfaces instead of Surfaces with Wireframe. Or maybe make a settings option so users can choose.
  • Can you share application examples, ideally with project links on SimScale? No example to share, really. More of an annoyance / time sink.

I agree here, when I go back home and want to log into SimScale it takes ages, maybe some ‘personal preferences’ would be good. Also, I think maybe simulation designer should default to surfaces without edges whilst preprocessing defaults to with surfaces as that is likely where you are going to inspect the mesh.

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