Data center simulation with porous, momentum and power sources

my model
my reference (by dlynch)

I am working on a sim of a data center, here’s are my setup
the velocity inlet in the underfloor plenum
10 Tile (porous media) as the air diffuser on the floor
20 Rack Door (porous media)
40 ‘boxes’ (rack)(momentum and power sources)
and return air at the top(pressure outlet)

Question 0 (solved by Fillia)
I build the model in Autocad. The ‘boxes’ are independent solid from the main body, I placed the boxes outside the main body with 1 face touching the boundary, and the sim failed due to multi-region mesh
Solution: place the boxes inside the main body and it works ( no face of boxes touch the boundary, unintentionally)

Question 1
I place the boxes inside the main body with faces touch the boundary, and now it fails dut to multi-region mesh.

Question 2

In my previous test sim, the particle goes through the boxes in the middle section. How may I restrict it?

Hi there, I hope you had a great weekend! I opened the project, and saw that you created a new run, so Question 1 is resolved, right? What did you change? :slight_smile:

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Hi Fillia,
I added the outer case of the racks and the tiles.
I messed and tried a few more time on the mesh and now it works somehow.

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Awesome, what about Question 2? Is it still valid?