Dancing tube man


I am trying to simulate a 100m tall dancing tube man and then try to stabilize it.
I figure I need first to create a static simulation to see how much compression the tube generates at the bottom, then generate air flow that would counterweight the compression (a game of air speed and viscosity) and then I need to simulate how this tube stands in external wind without caving.

here is what I have done so far. would appreciate any feedback on how to do this, I am a hobbist with a lot of motivation to learn but no formal cfd of physics education, some static force knowledge as an architect.


Hi Jacob,

Thank you for the details regarding the project. Let’s talk about the static simulation first. So you want to extract the loads at the bottom of the structure with a static analysis, right? What do you have as input to use for the simulation?

Also, keep in mind that our platform does not offer moving mesh simulations for external wind analysis.

Best regards,

Hi Fillia,

Thanks for answering.
I imagine it as a plastic, 1500kg\m3, about 1cm thickness. how do I make the thickness? the model need to have thickness or this could be just input to the platform?
I started a new simulation and wanted to put gravity - is it done by adding force, -9.8N? the simulation gives a message about non-zero forces. I didn’t see in the example any gravity, is it a default condition?