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Damping in Anti roll tank

I am simulating a flow in an Anti-roll tank to find the damping.
I am struggling with the top boundary condition which is representative of the boundary to the free atmosphere.
In my case, the model is a U tube tank with sharp edges and the flow is Multiphase with Air and water in the volume.
I tried giving custom conditions, pressure inlet-outlet conditions.
How can I give atmospheric conditions at the top?
Can someone please help me with this?

Hi @krishna_mohan and sorry for the delayed response.

My colleague Darren (@1318980) has posted an answer regarding atmospheric boundary conditions in the past, maybe you can have a look at it and tell me if it helped you: Open Atmosphere. Tagging @vgon_alves and @Get_Barried here as well - maybe they know another option you could use.



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tq@jousefm, I had checked it already, It was an Incompressible flow whereas it is Multiphase flow in my case, the options are bit different in both the cases.

That’s correct @krishna_mohan!

I would have to look it up by myself as I have not performed a simulation like that before. One document I found was this one: Two-Phase Flow opened/closed, inclined pipe. I will keep digging :slight_smile:



Thanks, @jousefm, please let me know if u find one.