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Damping coefficient of materials

I don’t find a physical meaning of damping coefficient set in particle analysis .

Hi @etarek,

the solver being used for particle analysis on SimScale is YADE.

Check out the YADE documentation: and

Does this help you?



Thx for the answer @Jousefm but i mean this damping coefficient :

@ahmedhussain18 or @rszoeke,

can you help there? Where do you get the coefficients from?

The only resources I could find that explain it well are:

Mechanics of Granular Materials

Viscoelastic Damping

• Very good paper explaining the calculations: Coefficient of restitution and linear–dashpot model revisited

• and a source not covering YADE per se but the frictional force and coefficients between two granular particles in general: Formulae covering damping, forces etc.



Hey @etarek,

the material model for contacts used from Yade is the viscous elastic model:

It is defined by the normal and tangential stiffness and viscous constants (kn, ks, cn, cs) and the density. We will rename the label for the viscous constants to viscous instead of damping, this might be confusing otherwise. Thanks for reporting this.

Hope that helps!

Best Alex