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|| Dale's Feature Poll - We need an on screen vector of rotation axis and a direction of rotation arrow for Rotating Zones 🙏


It would really reduce the chances of making a rotation zone rotate the WRONG way if we could put an On screen vector arrow from the Rotating Zones origin to the direction of the axis of rotation AND a direction of rotation arrow around it based on the sign of the rotational velocity.

At a minimum, there needs to be a help popup on ‘Rotational velocity’ parameter in ‘Advanced concepts’>‘Rotating Zones’ that says that the direction of rotation is with respect to the direction of rotation of the ‘mesh elements’ inside the volume selected, using the right hand rule for sign of the value for ‘Rotational velocity’…

  • I would like to have this feature.
  • I see no need to have this feature.

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Hi Dale!

Valid point. This was already requested by other users to see some “arrows” when setting boundary conditions like load or encastre a part. Noted!