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Cyclic symmetry


Dear All,

I have a persistent problem wile using the cyclic symmetry option with many projects!

For example in this project:

I tried to ask for help many times from @ajitkumar to find a solution but did not find one, even though their was some unsuccessful attempts. This is what I received for example.

’ Hi there, I had a discussion with our developers and this is due to some recent changes, that the cyclic contact is not available for models with only one solid part.

The workaround for now would be to split the part and import as 2 parts, then the option for contact would appear. Then we can set the cyclic condition and run the case.
Sorry for the inconvenience, I have reported this also for improvement. ’ received 2 october.

Was this improvement taken into consideration ?

I believe this is very important topic for many users, since a lot of rotary machine elements could be modeled with such option saving computational space and time.

Thank you in advance for your help and keep up your good discussions which I always follow closely because it make me learn new things and aquire important skills.

Best regards,


hi @danielfea
Great project. personally I don’t simulate & haven’t enough knowledge of the FEA project so I can’t help you but some FEA master people will help you. @PowerUsers_FEA

totally agree with you :+1:



Thanks for letting us know the bandaid solution for being able to use Cyclic Symmetry contact parameter when working with only one solid :slight_smile:
Finding these workarounds can consume ENORMOUS time and resources to figure them out yourself :clap:



So to resume here is the error I get when using the cyclic symmetry:

There is a remaining conflict in the contact setup for contact: Cyclic symmetry 2 . A simulation run with a conflicting contact setup will likely fail. Consider running automatic contact detection and/or imprint the geometry to resolve remaining conflicts.

The conflict is written in the cyclic symmetry option and it is:

The following solids appear as both master and slave assignments:

  • Split12
  • Split11

Have a nice week!


Hi @danielfea ,

As the error message suggests, the problem is that you are using a body (actually two) as both master and slave. It is expecting that master and slave faces belong to different bodies.

Try and split your body with a plane in the radial direction, at the middle, not in a somewhat tangential direction as you did. Then you will find that master and slave assignments do not belong to the same body.

Is this clear? Please let me know if you need further help.


Sorry, I did not notice that the splitting that was done still left an error…

Thanks Guillermo for persisting here…


Hello @ggiraldo, and thank you a lot for your reply!

Yes it is clear now, I will do this very very soon and will tell you if it’s fixed.



Hi all,
actually the warning message (it’s just a warning that will not prevent you from starting the run, so you can just ignore it) is wrong for a cyclic symmetry - there master and slave should actually be from the same body.

The fix should be out tomorrow.




@rszoeke so what is this error message I get when I want to launch a RUN ? (cf below)


Hi @danielfea,
unfortunately the fix had not been released yet. Ypu can for now ignore the warning and proceed clicking “OK”.
I will let you know once done.



Hi all,
just to follow up on this, we have finally released the fix a couple of days ago and now you should not see this warning message any more for cyclic symmetry - still for bonded and sliding, but there it is also correct.