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Cutting Blade for cutting concrete

I want to design a cutting blade that will produce the noise of less than 20dB while cutting concrete.

  1. Can you tell me how to achieve that?
    2.Is Acoustic analysis or noise analysis possible in Simscale?
    3.If yes, please provide me the link of some projects or books for same?

Base material: M25 concrete
bore diameter:25.4mm
blanck diameter:330mm

Hi @meghrajvaidya and thanks for your questions!

First of all your project would require a vibro-acoustic module on our platform coupling the solid and fluid domains which we do not offer at the moment. I would recommend upvoting the existing request in our Vote For Features category.

Moreover 20dB is equivalent to someone whispering in a room. As a reference on circular saws, it is usually the saw blades that cause the high sound pressure level. With conventional saw blades, this level is always within the auditorily damaging range of 85 dB(A) and higher. ^1 So you could use noise-reduced saw blades!

Maybe some of our @power_users have some experience in this area and can give you information or tips on a workaround or another methods you might use to investigate such kind of problems. Let me know if you need any further help.

Source: ^1