Customisable colour maps in Post Processor

I think it would be beneficial to have the ability to customise the colour map. The things I would like to see customisable is colour, opacity and their position on the scale. Although I am able to do this in para view, I am still yet to experience a stable release on OSX. To do this in the online post processor at the moment I create a series of iso-surfaces with different opacities.

Firstly this would provide better 3D visualisation of variables such as pressure. This would also help when visualising multiple variables, each variable having its own colour map.

So for example, I have a wing generating lift. At one extreme of the map, I want to see low pressure on top of the wing, Red and fully visible. The other extreme Blue and fully visible, however in the middle I wish it to be fully opaque. This should visually convey the pressure across the wing, and help the viewer understand how the design can be improved.

I will update this post with pictures.


Feature released July 25th, 2018!