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Custom Boundary Condition

I would like to define a boundary condition through a screen. I already know the flow through a screen is a function of differential pressure. Is there a way to define the velocity out as a function of pressure?

Hi @dhamilton!

As far as I know there is no possibility to define that with custom boundary conditions as you either prescribe velocity or pressure but not both at the same time. @1318980 & @Get_Barried, can you confirm this? Maybe I missed the question.



Hey everyone,

Not 100% sure but I think you are correct Joseuf. I’m not too sure if you can define velocity out as a function of pressure through some formulation via the “custom” BC. Maybe Darren might shed more light on this.



Hi Guys sorry for the delay,

I dont think so but you can set pressure to be a function of flow rate as a custom pressure boundary (Fan pressure). You could try setting fan pressure and pressure inlet outlet but it sounds like it either might not work or would be very unstable. Let me know if it works though.