Csv export


Hi guys,
I’m having trouble exporting a useable csv file.
The problem is that the file export uses commas for decimals aswell as seperators. This leads to decimals beeing in a seperate column. Did anyone experience similar problems and knows how to solve it?
Thanks in advance!


Hi @tfelser!

Are you using a Mac? You can try using the vim editor and fix your file because Excel on Mac causes bad behaviour with commas.




Hi @jousefm!

Thanks for the quick response! No I’m using Windows. Is it possible to alter the exported csv? For example use semicolons as seperators or points as decimal sign…


Hi @tfelser!

You can use whatever editor you like. In addition to that you are able to select the separator when uploading your CSV.

Edit: Btw sorry you are talking about the export from Simscale and not the export from your machine to upload it to the platform. You could use a script for that. @1318980 any other input from your side?




Hi @tfelser, @jousefm,

Where are you exporting from to get comma decimals? I just downloaded a CSV from a plot and it was comma separated and decimalised with a stop.



Hi @1318980,
I’m exporting a csv of a forceplot from post processing.
Thanks for your help.

@jousefm i don’t seem to understand what you mean by using a script, there’s just a button to download the csv file.


Hi @tfelser.

Was referring to a script to modify the downloaded file because doing it with vim or any other editor might be a tedious task also taking into account that the forceplot csv can be pretty big. The best would be to share the project/file so that we can have a look at it and see what you mean. Makes it easier for us. :slight_smile:




I downloaded one of my force plots and it was comma separated and decimal by stop. Are there any local changes due to some countries using commas for decimalisation @jousefm ?

Kind regards,


@jousefm @1318980 I shared the project with you. I also thought about the local changes but how would i fix that?


Hi @tfelser and sorry for the small delay. Could you share a screenshot of the problem which might be the easiest way to understand what you are struggling with.

Can you also explain what you mean by local changes?




So by local changes I mean that if the region you are in uses comma decimal mark instead of point mark is there a setting on users computer or SimScale that account for this? and therefore change the point to a comma? If you open the csv in a text editor is it still comma decimalised? if not this would indicate an issue with the usage of excel.

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@1318980 It’s decimalised and seperated by comma. I wrote a script as a workaround but it’s kind of an ugly solution…
@jousefm Maybe you can check the export options for Germany…

If anyone wants the script, feel free to message me.

Cheers and thanks for your effort,