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Crossflow turbine analysis

Steady state simulation

I am currently doing simulation for my university project.

I have designed a cross flow turbine.

The purpose of me doing the CFD is to validate the rotational speed of my turbine as per calculation before doing the designs

is it possible to have such result?

i cant simulate with 3 parts,
3 parts consisting Fluid domain, rotating domain and the turbine .

if i boolean-subtract and not keep the tool body. (tool body- turbine & Target body- rotating domain)

but i cant have the topological entities of my turbine to be assigned in result control( Force and moments)

My project link below

if there is any other suggestions also accepted

Previously i have assigned MRF on rotating domain but how can i know the rotating speed of my turbine so that i can validate my turbine power output?

is it possible for fluid induced rotation of parts in simulation?

sorry I’m new to CFD and in learning process.
Please guide me

Crossflow turbine analysis

Hi there, the topological entity set will be assigned to the faces of the flow domain that have the shape of the turbine after it is subtracted from it. This feature - The Subtraction tool- creates a void and its’ faces can be used to assign Result Control sets :slight_smile:

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