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Creating Mesh regarding particular carbon composite part for static analysis


So, during a simulation through linear static stress analysis on the carbon fiber tube is to be conducted, i tried the simulation just by creating a custom material, where i had chosen the tetrahedral composition by giving the corresponding density, modulus and temperature, but not the lattice or the nodal information.

So the results were very crude and unsatisfactory for the carbon fiber,

So can you enumerate the steps for doing so for following parts in attachment in JEPG format.


Hi @Moistydeveloper,

can you elaborate which loads you want to investigate?

As far as I know, only isotropic materials are supported at the moment. @afischer might give you more information about that.




Unidirectional force


Hi @Moistydeveloper,

do you have some dimensions of the tube or a CAD model?




Hello @Moistydeveloper,
@jousefm is right, currently we are only supporting isotropic materials. But since we are already in the process of developing shell element functionality and also isotropic materials, it would be helpful to understand the requirements you would have for this analysis and the analysis of composite materials in general.
In particular, are there any specific post-processings or result fields that you would need to get the relevant information from the analysis results?