Creating internal fluid volume

I am trying to create an internal flow region for my motor cooling jacket, however, when I attempt to select my seed surface which is the internal helical sweep, I can only select part of it and not the full sweep. I’ve tried imprint and union but neither helps. If someone could help me out this that would be much appreciated.

The project has three geometries, please inspect the copy geometry as this is an stp file.

I’ve attached an image of what i am trying to achieve as I have managed to do this previously.


thanks for reaching out to us here in the forum.
I’ll have a look at your project and come back to you with my findings.

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I was able to create the flow volume, by using the sleeve face as a seed face.
See my setup here.

But before this please try to remove the AMK logo from the sleeve.
You should be able to use the delete face tool to do this.

the issue is that the Logo is imprinted into the flow region which will affect the meshing.

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