Creating Flow region

Hi currenly i am having on selecting the boundary faces, in which many times i tried but. In the model, it have an extra area for the casing in front of the fin for me to put the air in real experiment. But when try to do create flow region it is qquite hard due to the extra area of the casing.

Link to my project:


I made some tests and was able to create the internal flow region after modification of your geometry.

Please go back to your CAD and try to fix the following problems:

  1. I think there is a gap in these corners, make sure they are in touch and that the joint is not only a line:

  2. The protusion of this face will cause problems when picking boundary faces. My solution was to cut it to make it flush with the other ones:

  3. Finally, I suspect that there are internal gaps between the internal parts. Please review those also.

Noted with thanks Sir, Thank you so much for the guidance

I HAVE the same probleme here i got a static mixer that not allow me to determine his fluide region
I need help for my project