Creating another airflow on an existing airflow without an error

I am currently creating a synthetic jet actuator and would like to use it on a vertical tail to show how the flow field changes when using certain variables. However, as I am pressing simulation runs, I’m getting an error of ‘A setup with at least 2 regions is being used in a single-region analysis type. Please delete CAD regions that are irrelevant for the simulation. If all CAD regions are relevant, ensure that only one region is assigned to the material and that all other bodies are assigned to advanced concepts.’.

I was hoping to get help on this; it would be a brilliant breakthrough to my project.

Hello @cbarnett , and thanks for posting your question in SimScale Forum!

Synthetic jets application sounds quite interesting! How do you plan to add additional jets; with momentum sources or additional boundary conditions near the vertical tail?

Regarding your question, that is usually caused by the existence of solid bodies inside when using Incompressible, Compressible or Convective Heat Transfer simulations. These simulation types only require flow region, that’s why other bodies should be deleted inside the CAD Mode after the flow region is generated, unless other bodies are assigned to an advanced concepts such as momentum sources or porous media.

I don’t have access to the project that you’re working on at the moment since it’s private. I can not be sure of the stage of your model at the moment, but above are my best guesses. In case you need further specific recommendations feel free to share your project with the support team.

I hope it’s helpful,