Coulomb Coefficient for friction

Hi, I am working on a drop test simulation of a landing gear. So, i’ve been using the penalty method for the physical contact (with friction) but i have a small problem while figuring out the coulomb coefficient.

What i’ve understood about this coefficient is that it is independent on the tangential sliding velocity (between the main body and base) of the geometry and is slightly different from the normal coefficient of friction.
I wanted to know; what can be done to estimate this parameter ?
Also on what more parameters is this coefficient dependent upon ?

Here is my project (look at the latest simulation):

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Hi there!

The Coulomb coefficient is the ratio between the normal and the tangential friction forces.

Regarding its set up, please check this forum post: Setting a coefficient of friction

Let me know if this was helpful :slight_smile:

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I do know that it is the ratio between the normal and tangential friction forces but I wanted to know if there are any techniques by which the value of the ‘Coulomb Coefficient’ can be estimated ?