Corner separation/ stall in NACA 65-009 axial compressor cascade

My thesis is about NACA 65-009 Axial compressor cascade. I’ve already done the model in design modeler, ANSYS.

How do i show corner separation (leading to corner stall at the Hub) by varying angle of attacks and surface roughness. Could you tell me this in detail, how to go about this? Which parameters should i consider to show it, which turbulence model? I wanted to do it on ANSYS CFX.

What inputs should i be giving to show pressure, velocity and streamlines contours showing corner separation ( at the junction of the suction surface and trailing edge). I had previously used 99 kpa as input and 121kpa as output.

Thanks in advance

Hi @ankithachiluka!

This forum is for the SimScale platform, so I would recommend that you give that project a spin on our platform. Regarding validation techniques, it would be good to have some comparable data and a paper to see what turbulence models might fit your case.

Modeling can be done inside Onshape and you can use the convenient import option from SimScale to use all the geometries you have created there.

The PowerUsers and I would be happy to help!


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