Convert Facet to Advanced Geometry

I am looking to conduct thermal analysis on a Lunar Rover model. It is a solidwork assembly. I am looking to run conjugate heat transfer v2.0 because it can simulate heat radiation. However, it said that it is unavailable for facet geometry and I need to reimport it. How would i convert it to advanced geometry?

Link to project:

Hello duybui04,

Are you possibly using a ‘.stl’ file upon import?

Please refer to this forum post:

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Satvik from SimScale

No, it’s a .sldasm file. which is the assembly file from solidworks

Hi @duybui04

In my evaluation, that may be due to the sub-assemblies present in your folder:

A workaround for that is provided here.

Please tell me if that solves the issue :slight_smile:


I technically already did that (the zip file name is the same the main assembly name). But i will go ahead and try again. In the mean time, are there any other solution you can provide? I think its because of the cad file itself but I’m not quite sure how to fix that