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Convergence problem


I keep getting “One exceeds the number of loops of fixed point of geometry” in the solver log. I’ve tried different settings with no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You


Hi @cschmidt!

Thanks a lot for your question! Will have a look at the project and also tagging @power_users as well as @rszoeke here. Haven’t had this message before maybe Richard knows better what the problem here is. Keeping you up-to-date in any case!

All the best!



I finally got it to converge. I had to swap the entities in the physical contact. Go figure? Sorry for the confusion.


Nice @cschmidt!

Could you validate your results though?




Not Yet, I’m still trying to understand the best material assignment for the rubber. It’s a non-linear material and it’s not clear to me if I should be using a hyperelastic material. I’ve been trying out the linear-elastic because the results seem more realistic to me.