Convergence and probe points graphs during simulation run

I would find it very useful to be able to see convergence and probe point graphs during simulation rather than only after completion. This is useful because if something is wrong you can see it early on and cancel the simulation. Just now I was simulating a water cooled heat sink but had chosen a flow rate that was too low. I only discovered this at the end of the simulation, which used 55 core hours. This is also very important from an environmental perspective as the CFD simulations must use a lot of electricity.

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Hello @roy_g,
we already show the convergence plots as well as result controls and other solutions fields in real time when once they are available. Convergence plots are visible for every iteration, whereas the result controls and solution fields are usually only saved with a lower frequency and thus it might take a little longer for them to appear.

In any case, if you have a reproducible case where no plots or results are shown before the job finishes (expect maybe for an extremely short run), please share it with us so we can have a look as this will be treated as a bug.



Hi @rszoeke

Yes, I see it now! Thank you

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