Continuing simulation run invalid-input

I’m trying to do mesh sensitivity test on my model and it appear that when my run got canceled because it reach maximum run time and when I try to continue the run, this massage “invalid-input” appear and I cannot continue the run

Hello Saaaaori,

thanks for reaching out to us.

As you simulation has already reached 30000s please extended this number also.
It seems like that your force report has nearly converged so guess another 1000 itterations would solve the case.

Therfore please set the end Time to 4000

Your simulation took 10s/itteration.
So I would recommend another 11170s as maximum runtime. Theses have to be added to the current 30000, and to ensure it will run till the finish, please set you time to 42500s.

Please let me know if this helped you.

Best regards

This helps me a lot, Thank you