Contacts Not found Conjugate heat transfer

Simscale is not picking up the contacts for my geometry. I dont know I have tried step and parasolid formats both but it is not working even after using the imprint feature. The project link is

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The problem lies within the model, because the parts are interfering. The reason behind this is that the pipe is solid, and in order to create a suitable model, you will need to have create void spaces in the pipe, where the fins are located, so they can fill them, does this make sense?

Check this project for example, wherever there are components placed in the fluid region, it has empty spaces reserved for them:

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Oh My bad! Thanks for the insight.

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But then how would I be able to perform Conjugate heat transfer analysis on a single body.

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The conjugate heat transfer analysis requires more than one part so it can be performed. You should not discard the solid parts from the CAD model, they should be kept there, but the flow region should be void there, so it will be like it is ‘filled’ with the solid parts.There is actually a way to achieve this with SimScale’s CAD mode, by using the ‘Subtract’ tool.