Contacts error


while I was trying to run static analysis Im getting the same contact definition error continuously although there are contacts given…can anyone help me out and alter my project please.
Here is the link and screenshot

Hi @santosh_b!

My colleague Richard has posted a solution for this here: No contacts were defined for some sub-assemblies - #3 by rszoeke - let us know if that helped!


Thanks for the reply…i tried a lot with that reference also…no use at all. Getting the same error again . can you please check my project.

Hi @santosh_b!

I saw in the latest version just now that contacts have successfully be found and were assigned to bonded. Did you find the solution to your problem by yourself?

Also consider defeaturing your geomtry a bit, for instance you can remove the letters on your drone which will increase the amount of elements introduced into the problem. Also you might take into account symmetry properties of your drone to save additional time and work with the symmetry boundary condition.



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Hi @santosh_b and @jousefm,

I took a look at this problem but I ran into more issues than I could figure out.

The error message is:

"No contacts were defined for some sub-assemblies. These won’t interact with the rest of your model and the simulation will likely fail. You can use the automatic contact detection or add contacts manually for the sub-assemblies that consist of the following solids: cap 5:15, hub1:1, stator:4, more… "

The error message mentions that sub-assemblies that contain the listed parts are not constrained. However, the Simscale tree flattens all part to be at one level so there are no sub-assemblies. The error message does not make sense.

This message is also an error but it seems like it should only be a warning. It would be helpful for debugging to start the run anyway.

I tried the Imprint on the geometry but once I did that I was unable to pick the geometry for the analysis. I am not sure if I am missing something.

I did put a small elastic support on all surfaces to get the model to run. It reached 100% in about 15 minutes and then it spent the next 4 hours waiting for the simulation to write the results.

Anyway, from what I have seen, the legs are not attached to the body.

Definitely an interesting problem and hopefully I’ll get more time to look at it.

I hope this helps.