Contact detection failed. Please reach out to support

Hi there, community. My name is Felipe, I am an Industrial Engineer here in Brazil and I am new to this simulation interface. Thanks for allowing me to participate in this forum, I have been struggling a lot with a little project of mine. I’m building a enclosure for my 3D Printer and decided to simulate the heat transfer involved inside it in order to better control the printing environment.

So, I’ve made a simpler drawing of the printer, the VOC’s filter (it recirculates the air from the top to the bottom), the enclosure itself, an intake fan on the bottom right wall and an exhaust fan on top left wall. I’ve followed many webinars available on Youtube but could not figure out a way to overcome an error message when trying to start the process of Conjugated Heat Transfer.

First I imported the file to SimScale, then I added the geometry for the flow region and then imprint. But for some reason when a create a simulation this error pops up: “Contact detection failed. Please reach out to support”(Error Code: 5f41dc36) and no contacts could automatically be found by the software nor allows me to find it manually. Does anyone could help me out to understand what’s my mistake.

Here is the link to my project:

In advance, I would like to thank you one more time for the support.

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Hi Felipe!

Did you give the Imprint function a spin yet? Read more about that here: What Does Imprint Do? CAE Documentation | SimScale



Hi, @jousefm! Thank you for the answer! Although I’ve already tried imprint, but for some reason it’s not working properly!

New Link:

I just found out that if I do not add an Open Inner Region Geometry and do just the imprint operation, simscale finds all necessary contacts perfectly. Although I still have a big issue that without Open Inner Region Geometry the fluid body is not created. Therefore my simulation is pointless.

Finally was able to manually insert a fluid body on my CAD program and moved forward on the project. Right now I am stuck trying to create a usable mesh without using all my core hours.

CFD-SQUAD, could you help our user please to mesh his geometry and assist him also for the runs needed? That’ be awesome :slight_smile: